Battlefront was one of my favorite Xbox titles; we spent days playing it on college. I could not be more stoked for this.


See, it is super easy and takes almost no time at all to create something like this, as long as your definitions of “super easy” and “no time” are flexible enough to include difficult and time-consuming.

But the results are breathtaking:

Inspired by John Nelson’s breathing earth and Conveyal’s aggregate-disser post, I wondered if I could make a breathing city. Manhattan looks somewhat lung-like, so it seemed natural. Should be a fun, quick project. How naive I was.

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It’s interesting to me how well Facebook seems to be listening to and empowering the developer community. The last few F8’s have been major product announcements coupled with sweeping deprecations to their APIs which left developers eating the bitter cost of progress. This year, Zuckerberg announced a two-year API stability SLA. Stability helps developers perhaps more than it does Facebook. The reality is Facebook is still a big enough force that if they want to, we’ll all have to adapt to their whim.

Facebook’s gotten much better at not just giving developers powerful tools, but making them easier than ever to use. Compare Google’s recommendation of using microdata to highlight your content in search results vs Facebook’s open graph tags. While microdata is much more powerful and provides a denser, broader taxonomy, Facebook’s takes about thirty seconds to implement. How many sites have you built with microdata markup? What about OG tags?