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In some ways, the biggest competitor to virtual reality might be a bottle of wine.
Chris Dixon, talking about Oculus to Farhad Manjoo. (via parislemon)
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The most important .gif


The most important .gif

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Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius.

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To be clear, we’re not saying there won’t be good, interesting software for the PS4. We think that’s inevitable. But we don’t know what that software will be, or when it will see release.

Take the time to read Polygon’s thorough— and beautiful— review of the PS4; it’s well worth the read. 

This is precisely why I’ve pre-ordered the Xbox One instead of the PS4. To be sure, I’ll end up owning and loving both consoles, but there’s no PlayStation exclusive titles on the radar that have peaked my interest like Crytek’s Ryse or Respawn’s upcoming Titanfall, both Xbox exclusives. Content is king.

Looking for the definition of next-gen? This is it.

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Amazon Founder Says He Clicked on Washington Post by Mistake : The New Yorker